TM Rally

Welcome to TM Rally :-)

On this page you can create multi-track rally style leaderboards for TrackMania² tracks from Mania Exchange.

This site will simply add up all the record times for a group of tracks you select and display them in a friendly format.

Step 1 - Track Search

Head over to the Mania Exchange site and do a track search to find the group of tracks you want to include in your Rally.

Make sure you sort them in the order you will want them in the Rally leaderboard.

Search example »

Step 2 - Copy & Paste!

When you are happy with your track search results simply copy the url from the browser address bar on Mania Exchange and paste in the text box above.

Ah... and click the "Create Rally" button :P

Rally example »



Advanced mode (arbitrary MX track IDs):

You can also create a rally by specifying a set of MX track IDs.

Simply use this url format:

You can provide up to 50 comma separated track IDs in the "ids" parameter.

The trackname and author parameters will only be used for the title of the rally page in the format: {trackname} by {author}
(You must specify at least one of them)


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